The latest Golf Le Fleur collection gets the rugged touch with burlap

The latest Golf Le Fleur collection gets the rugged touch with burlap

The Golf Le Fleur Burlap pack revitalizes the Chuck 70 and One Star with the use of more rugged and organic material.

Golf Le Fleur Burlap

Update: November 20, 12pm (Singapore time)

Think you missed out on the recent Golf Le Fleur Burlap pack? Don’t fret. The sneakers are still available in a limited run of sizes on END. If you see your size then you’re in luck. Fastest fingers first! Hit the links below to cop.

The new collection will be the sixth in the partnership between Tyler The Creator and Converse.

Tyler’s latest shoe collection with Converse was quietly released over the weekend exclusively at Camp Flog Gnaw, Tyler The Creator’s music festival. Known as the Golf Le Fleur Burlap pack, the collection is slated for a wider public release mid-month.

The collection features the use of burlap, a material you don’t often see being used in the making of shoes. The silhouettes of choice are the iconic Chuck 70 silhouette – a first for the Golf Le Fleur series – and the One Star.

The One Star features the now iconic flower detail on the sides of the sneaker and comes in a brown suede, while the Chuck 70 has a reversed “Golf Le Fleur*” on the medial side of the sneaker. The Golf Le Fleur flower logo can be seen on the tongues of both the One Star and Chuck 70. Both sneakers will also have an all-white midsole.

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The odd one out of the Golf Le Fleur Burlap pack is another version of the Chuck 70, this time coming in a clean white upper. This is the only pair in the pack that does not feature the use of burlap. The details on the shoe are the same as on the other Chuck 70, except for the midsole which has a teal stripe running through the middle of the sneaker, similar to that of a general release Chuck 70.

The Golf Le Fleur Burlap pack will be dropping on November 15 at Limited Edt. Stay posted here for more updates on the pricing and release details.

What do you think of the burlap material being used on the sneakers? Would you wear them? Let us know in the comments. 

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