Siri’s Got Competition: Google Assistant Now Available on iPhones

Siri’s Got Competition: Google Assistant Now Available on iPhones

Google Assistant, Google’s version of Siri, is now available on iPhones.


Photo: Google

Siri will need to step up its game, now that Google’s personal voice-guided assistant is here.

It comes as a separate application that can be downloaded from the App Store.

The iOS version of Google Assistant is very similar to the one launched on Android. In order to launch it, press the microphone on the bottom of the screen and ask a question or request. You can also choose to type out your demands by switching to keyboard or use your voice by enabling the “OK, Google” prompt.

However, not everything will be the same across both the Android and iOS apps. Google says that there are API restrictions within the iOS app, hence functionality, such as setting alarms, will be limited. You also have to open the app for each use, as the home button on the iPhone is customized specially for Siri.

Despite those limitations, the Google Assistant is a welcome alternative to an aging Siri.

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New languages will also be rolling out for Assistant in French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese on both Android and iOS.

Get Google Assistant from the App Store here.

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