Google rumored to launch game-streaming service next week

Google rumored to launch game-streaming service next week

A Google gaming platform will be introduced on March 19.

google gaming gdc 2019 teaser

Google invites gamers to gather around for its big unveil happening March 19.

In what form the Google gaming platform will take is anybody’s guess. Brand teasers and media speculations, however, seem to point in the direction of a game-streaming platform of sorts.

Today, Google posted a teaser for its event at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) happening next week. The post is short clip featuring hallways in various settings, not unlike those seen in games. Accompanying the video is the caption, “Gather around as we unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming at #GDC19.”.

Consistent across media reports on Google’s move into the gaming arena is the fact that most believe the company will be launching its own game-streaming service. Further, The Verge, for instance, alleges the service is built off the work Google has done with its trials for Project Stream.

CNBC terms the Google gaming platform a “Netflix for games” and claims the move could turn the US$140 billion industry on its head.

Last week, multiple media reports brought attention to a patent filed by Google for a controller that will be used to interact with Google-branded gaming service. The patent included diagrams, which Twitter user @Reps rendered in high resolution (seen above).

All in all, this will be one of Google’s biggest announcements in recent times. It’s also an indication of how much money there is in the gaming industry and esports.

The unveiling takes place next Tuesday, March 19, 10am, Pacific Time (Wednesday, March 20, 1am, Singapore Time) You can catch the livestream on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on what could be the Google gaming platform? Leave a comment below.  

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