Future Versions of Google Pixelbook May Come with Motion Detection Features

Future Versions of Google Pixelbook May Come with Motion Detection Features

The next Google Pixelbook may come with a display that detects motion.

Google Pixelbook

A Google Pixelbook with mechanical rotors to adjust lid and display automatically could be available in the future

By patenting blueprints for a laptop display that opens up on its own, forthcoming versions of the Google Pixelbook may come with mechanical rotors that detect user movement, so having to open up your laptop or adjust the angle of your screen with your hands may just become a thing of the past.

According to Patently Mobile, the Google patent also includes a touch-sensitive surface and possibly even a front-facing camera. These features will help feedback to the laptop to lift the display automatically.

The feature follows a similar adaptation widely used in keyless cars, for instance, where the driver simply touches the handle to unlock the vehicle.

A display that adapts to you 

The front-facing camera will have the ability to detect movement, which is especially useful for video calls, as the laptop will adjust the display to an angle comfortable for you. It’ll also ensures you’re always in the picture as you move around during video calls.

Elsewhere, this feature can be found on camera gimbals that track facial features. The device allows the camera to move along with the subject’s movement, doing away with the need for another person to help record the video.

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