Grailed Wants Re-Sellers to Switch to Paypal Business

Grailed Wants Re-Sellers to Switch to Paypal Business

Grailed is implementing a major change on Friday, November 17.

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Grailed, a second-hand menswear marketplace wants sellers on the platform to upgrade to Paypal Business.

Reddit users speculate that the move to Paypal Business is to deter scammers from using the platform.

However, a representative claims that the change to the new PayPal for Marketplaces system would be more beneficial, providing customers with more benefits like increased security and fee transparencies.

However, there are slight differences between personal and business accounts – some of which users might find restrictive. One example is Payment holds, where users will only be able to withdraw money from their transactions only after a delivery tracking code is uploaded onto Paypal.

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View the image below for more information on Payment holds:


Negative reactions

Despite the increase in security for both sellers and buyers, some Reddit users have described the change as a “bad move”, while others threatened to move over to eBay to sell their items.

Other complaints include Paypal Business’ strict age requirements – disallowing users below 18-years-old from creating an account.

Will the switch to Paypal Business affect Grailed users? Let us know your thoughts below.

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