G-STEEL GST-B500 is form and function in one sleek timepiece

G-STEEL GST-B500 is form and function in one sleek timepiece

The G-STEEL GST-B500 is an essential timepiece, offering a versatile design and rugged construction that is perfect for daily wear. Here’s how it can fit into your current rotation. 

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A functional, well-respected timepiece can elevate any outfit. G-SHOCKs are highly respected for their durability and rugged design, but G-STEEL takes it up a notch – using metal to elevate the look and durability of the timepieces. Combined with a slew of features, the G-STEEL GST-B500 is a worthwhile investment that can survive everyday use while effortlessly pairing with any outfit.

Color is a key consideration when selecting your timepiece. The color and hue of any watch can influence how well it would fit into your daily rotation and outfits. In the case of the GST-B500, it arrived in 5 distinct combinations that can cater to most fashion sensibilities. If your timepiece is meant to be the star of the show, go for the bold gold colorway or the silver and green combination. However, if you want your GST-B500 to blend into your daily rotation, consider going for the triple black or silver with black combination.

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Your timepiece of choice should not weigh you down. Metal watches can be quite dense, becoming added weight to your wrists. Casio recognized this when creating the GST-B500 and focused on making the watch thinner and lighter than the rest of the lineup. Casio did not skimp on durability in their exercise of weight reduction, retaining their famous carbon core guard structure which uses carbon fibre to reinforce the resin case. You can enjoy the sophistication of the brushed metal exterior and the added durability of the G-STEEL line without having to exhaust or strain your wrist. 

Owning a timepiece should be simple, right? The GST-B500 boasts a whole suit of features, but each is designed to make ownership simpler. Worrying about your battery is thing of the past – the GST-B500 is solar-powered and has a power reserve that can last up to 18 months on power saver mode. You can also pair your watch with the Casio Watches app,  controlling elements like the LED light emitting from the watch and syncing the automatic time. You can also set world time on the watch by choosing from 38 cities, making it the perfect accessory for travelers. 

The G-STEEL GST-B500 series has already hit shelves! You can shop for one at the G-SHOCK website and at any G-SHOCK store islandwide. The silver-based colorways retail for S$459, while the gold and black version goes for S$569. 

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