Watch All 8 Harry Potter Movies in 78 Minutes

Watch All 8 Harry Potter Movies in 78 Minutes

A full run of the Harry Potter saga would take you 19 hours and 39 minutes. Here’s how you can watch it all in less than 2 hours.

Harry Potter

With Wizardhood, you don’t need to give up your weekend for a Harry Potter marathon anymore.

Avid fan Tim Stiefler has made a supercut of the entire Harry Potter saga, condensing the 19 hours and 39 minutes into a concise 78 minutes. That means you could catch up on the entire series while on your way back home from work today.

Wizardhood skips a fair bit of plot points, such as character development and world building, so don’t expect to see the blossoming friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione. The core of Wizardhood focuses on the big battle between Harry and Voldermort, with some flashes of story development from the first five movies that help to set the context.

While the supercut might not provide the best summary of the series (as some diehard fans would argue) it does help to contextualize the entire saga, especially for someone who’s about to walk into a showing of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them without prior knowledge of the Harry Potter universe.

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Watch Wizardhood below and let us know if it does the series justice.

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