Highly questionable: Are these luxury fashion items worth the price tag?

Highly questionable: Are these luxury fashion items worth the price tag?

‘Highly questionable’ features fashion products from your favorite brands that have us wondering whether anyone would actually spend money on them.


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You be the judge as to whether these luxury Dior AirPods cases or stuffed toy wallets are worth their hefty price tags.

1. Jacquemus Le Pitchou Mini Coin Purse
US$234 (approx. S$320) at Jacquemus

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To be honest with you, this might be our only cop from this list. The only thing stopping us is knowing that this S$320 coin purse would be able to hold at most S$10 worth of coins – in S$1 denominations – at any one point.

2. Prada Nylon Wrist Pouch
€280 (approx. S$427) at Prada

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In 5 seconds, name five things you would keep in your S$400+ wrist pouch.

3. Dior AirPods Case
US$350 (Approx. S$480) at Dior

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Remember the time you got your brand-new AirPods and told yourself you needed an S$480 brand-new calf-skin leather case to keep your AirPods in?

4. Rick Owens Hun Cyclop Wallet
€1,360 (approx. S$2,076) at Rick Owens

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Rick Owens

This is easily our favorite of the lot. Imagine walking around with this or explaining to your family why you spent S$2,000 on this. “But mom, it’s avant-garde.”

Are any of these items a cop for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image: Dior

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