Be the Top Boy in Singapore with Hoodrich

Be the Top Boy in Singapore with Hoodrich

UK-based street fashion brand Hoodrich has landed in JD Sports Singapore. Scroll down to find out more about the collection and brand.

The come up

For Hoodrich founder Jay Williams, shows like MTV Base and MTV Cribs were an essential source for his love for streetwear, American hip-hop and the culture in general. Icons like 50 Cent and Pharrell Williams became fashion inspirations for the budding designer, who took the leap of faith to launch Hoodrich in 2014. 

For the first couple of years, Jay was a one-man operation. From picking and packing orders, ideating and creating designs and fulfilling orders, Jay was on his own. By 2019, Jay would scale up the operations of Hoodrich and was soon stocked at British multilabel store JD Sports in order to cope with rising demand. Everything would come full circle when 50 Cent himself started rocking the brand as Hoodrich expanded to the United States. 

JD Sports Singapore

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Jay did not have it easy. He had to hustle to lay the foundations of the Hoodrich brand that is now known and loved by streetwear enthusiasts in the UK and around the world. No surprise then that Hoodrich was approached by Netflix to work with Top Boy on an exclusive collection to celebrate the second season of the show launching. Top Boy, a show that’s set in the housing estates of East London, depicts the harsh lifestyle that protagonist Dushane and other characters live. The constant tension between drug gangs that operate out in the open and those who strive to live regular lives against the odds make Top Boy such a compelling watch (PS: the final and third season airs on Netflix, September 7). Similarly, Jay’s hustle and drive which was the catalyst for the success of HOODRICH has parallels with the themes of the show. 

Hoodrich’s venture into Asia

The Hoodrich Asia collection features more short-sleeved options compared to that of its UK collections, and this caters perfectly to Singapore streetwear fans. The collection comprises comfortable and stylish streetwear for both men and women. The Hoodrich Asia collection is now available at JD Sports Singapore. You can shop the pieces at JD Singapore’s Ion and Bugis outlets or at JD Singapore’s online store.


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