Break through the inertia with the Under Armour Hovr Machina

Break through the inertia with the Under Armour Hovr Machina

The Hovr Machina is the latest performance running sneaker from Under Armour and is jam-packed with new technology.

Hovr Machina Combines Technology

The Hovr Machina is designed to push you forward the way a personal trainer would.

Under Armour is heavily invested in the everyday athlete. They work with the best athletes in the world to create apparel and sneakers that help you perform better and recover more quickly. The Hovr Machina is designed with that goal in mind and as a result, will help any runner break through their 2020 running goals.

The sneaker is loaded with various technologies that work together to push you forward. First up is the midsole, which is just layered with upgrades. To start with, it has 22% more Hovr cushioning than any other sneaker in the range. The proprietary midsole cushion helps the sneaker increase energy return and absorb impact.

Hovr Machina Propulsion plate

To really amp up the energy return and provide a softer feel, the Hovr is now left uncaged and exposed. Key areas have been reinforced with Charge Foam to provide stability. To keep ground contact time to a minimum, the sneaker now has a propulsion plate embedded into the midsole. This results in a slightly stiffer midsole, but it carries the momentum from the heel to toe so much better – providing snappier transitions. You can really feel the difference – if you wear these casually, you might find yourself brisk walking without even noticing.

Hovr Machina Deconstructed

1 – Engineered mesh, 2 – Tracker, 3 – UA Hovr Cushioning, 4 – Propulsion plate, 5 – Charged Foam frame, 6 – High-abrasion rubber, 7 – Blown rubber

The ace up the Machina’s sleeve (or tongue) is its personal coaching features. That’s right, your running shoes can now coach you to improve your running style, pacing and more! The sneaker collects various data points as you use them. As long as you are connected to the MapMyRun app by Under Armour, you can access this data, plan workouts and sets goals.

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Hovr Machina smart phone feature

Better still, if your phone is hooked up to a wireless earpiece, the Form Coaching feature can give you advice as you are running! It will dispense tips on maintaining the ideal form and pace to help you crush your fitness goals.

This combination of technologies makes the Under Armour Hovr Machina the perfect partner for those looking to push their limits and smash their 2020 running goals. It’s far more than just a running shoe – it’s your newfound running coach.

You can grab the Under Armour Hovr Machina at any Under Armour store island-wide or at for S$229.

Do you have a running or fitness goal set for 2020? Share your process for breaking through them in the comments section.

All images: Under Armour

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