Humor: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is Cool

Humor: 5 Reasons Why Being Single is Cool

Are you single? Don’t hang your head in shame, if you are. It’s Singles’ Day today, and we’ll show you 5 reasons why you should celebrate being single.

Your sneaker collection will grow


Without someone to complain about your endless obsession with sneakers, you can buy as many kicks as you like. Just make sure you’re answerable to your wallet. Oh, and you won’t have to risk your collection being ruthlessly destroyed.

You can wear what you want


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Ditch the couple t-shirts or matching attire, and dress the way you like with no restrictions. Douchey or dapper, it doesn’t matter as long as you dig it.

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Game to your heart’s content


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Saw an exciting new game coming out in the market (like Grand Theft Auto V) that’s gonna be the blackhole to your free time? Go ahead and buy it! Nothing’s gonna distract you from those hours of frivolous fun on the console.

Have no one to answer to except yourself


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Remember that sinking feeling when an overly obsessive partner messages you incessantly while you’re out doing your own thing? Being single means you get zero pesky notifications and play by your own rules. It also means you have the freedom to choose who you want to hang out with. Saturday nights will never be the same again.

Enjoy Singles’ Day sales


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Just like Black Friday and other big occasions, e-commerce brands are more than eager to hop on the Singles’ Day bandwagon and offer good discounts on their products. The biggest player is China-based Alibaba, which grossed $2 billion within the first hour of sales today. If you’ve got extra cash to splash, hit up Alibaba, Need Supply Co. or Zalora and shop away!

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