Humor: Puma Zipper Ad Featuring Arsène Wenger

Humor: Puma Zipper Ad Featuring Arsène Wenger

Puma’s latest cheeky ad dives deep into the understated importance of the zipper and even gets Arsenal Football Club manager Arsène Wenger on-board as its poster-boy.

Tired of football ads that promote new jersey technology or cutting edge ball designs? Puma has come up with a tongue-in-cheek ad which avoids all that and focuses on that one bit of accessory that makes all the difference: The humble zipper.

Featuring one of football’s most revered and feared managers, Arsène Wenger, the minute-long ad acknowledges the zipper as the make-or-break factor in the manager’s ability to focus and perform his job. The sportswear label promptly studies Wenger’s “on-bench behavior, hands and the pace of his zip” before developing the perfect Puma zipper and integrating it to their touchline coat.

In a rare moment captured on camera, the usually stern-looking Wenger breaks into a smile upon having a zipper that functions as it should. Check the video out!


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