Humor: Valentine’s Day In GIFs

Humor: Valentine’s Day In GIFs

It’s the time of year where single guys try their best to score a date with the girl of their dreams. We chart the emotions that run through a guy’s mind before, during and after Valentine’s Day.

By Daniel Loy

Before Valentine’s Day

1. Despair. It all begins in a bad place. You put yourself down or act like you don’t care for love even though there’s a girl you fancy.


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2. Disbelief. As Valentine’s Day approaches, you muster all your courage and ask her out. To your surprise, she says yes. Wait a minute… she said YES! Panic sets in because now you need to groom and make sure you smell good.


Valentine’s Day

3. Anticipation. After meticulously planning your date, you wake up on February 14th feeling pretty good about yourself.


4. Eagerness. For once in your life, everything feels right. There’s a spring in your step as you go out the door to meet the girl. Clean sneakers, check. Deodorant, check. Wallet with money (saved from all the dates you haven’t gone on), CHECK!


5. Surprise. You’ve been stalking… no, looking at her Facebook photos over and over again over the past month and she looked pretty good in them, but nothing can prepare you for how smoking hot she looks while walking your way right now.


6. (False) Confidence. Instead of yakking away about yourself, you’ve opted to remain all cool and composed. After all, that’s what separates the men from boys, right?


7. Distraction. Men have an inherent problem, that is, the inability to multi-task. While trying to portray a calm image and checking out the girl at the same time, your brain has failed to register everything she’s said over dinner.


8. Joy. You made it through the day and the girl seems receptive to you. Trust us, this is how you’ll feel after you’ve sent her home.


After Valentine’s Day

9. Heartbreak. The first of two possible outcomes of your date. You know you’ve blown it if she starts claiming to be busy or doesn’t bother replying to text messages. You should also prepare to see her walking hand in hand with someone else while you’re out with your bros, because girls can be cruel like that.


10. Elation. But if she texts you and shows interest in going out with you again, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve earned it!


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