Awesome Threesome: RAH (SG), Arabyrd (KL) & Archie (JKT)

Awesome Threesome: RAH (SG), Arabyrd (KL) & Archie (JKT)

Errrbody knows it’s a no holds barred event when Arabyrd (KL), Archie (DTW | JKT) and RAH (DTW | SG) get together. We speak to them ahead of their gig tomorrow, October 24th, and find out what to expect from two girls, a guy and a party place. 

By Kim Hana

Arabyrd (KL)


We’re super curious about the name, Arabyrd. How did it come about?
No special story behind this really. I was at my desk at work and the Worldwide Festival organizers called and asked how I would like to be mentioned on the bill and I was sitting next to a colleague who used to call me “birdie”. So I just came up with the name “Arabird” on the spot and the organizers threw in the “Y” for me because it suited the font they were using.

Musically, people compare you to the likes of M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, what are your thoughts on these comparisons – Love ‘em or can’t wait to squash ‘em?
This is straight comedy. M.I.A. and Nicki who?

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What else is keeping you busy these days? We know you do a sunset session as part of Twinkies KL with DJ Nadia, which we had the good fortune of being a part of in September – that was dope, by the way.
Been getting lots of solo DJ gigs past couple of years which is quite surprising cause I can’t stand calling myself a “DJ”. Big shoes to fill. But I’m enjoying every minute of it ’cause I taught myself how to mix so I could play stuff I like and that is exactly what I’m doing now and people are diggin’ it so i must be doing something right. Haa! Working on going back to Paris to perform and DJ for the Fashion Week again hopefully in March. And I’m super psyched to be getting into the studio again with Stereotyp, Moslem Priest and of course the good people of Darker Than Wax.

Apart from being a hot female, like Rihanna, you also got your first Instagram account shut down. What happened there?
Some hoe prolly OD-ed on that haterade and killed my account. 

Where are the best nights happening in and around KL these days?
Black808″ at Under9 for that underground goodness! Good Techno, Jersey Club, Garage in the basement of an old building next to a police station. SO KL! (not for the claustrophobics tho) And there’s “Neighborhood” for the Minimal/House/Disco/Techno/Kraftwerk heads at Frangipani. Real people, real music. KL is finally getting it!

Sonically, what can people expect from your set next Friday?
80 to 140 bpm bass that if you don’t at least head bop to, you’ve got a problem.

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