Awesome Threesome: RAH (SG), Arabyrd (KL) & Archie (JKT)

Awesome Threesome: RAH (SG), Arabyrd (KL) & Archie (JKT)


RAH_DJ_photo by Agata Checinska (2)

For the uninitiated – what kind of music do you play?
I started out with DNB so there’s always that foundation of bass. Then I progressed to hip hop, mostly low-end, boom bap and rap. I like African and South American rhythms too, so I’ve been trying to incorporate that into my sets. The Darker Than Wax boys have been refining my musical palette with their house and boogie influence, which I am slowly beginning to appreciate. All styles, really!

Of all the gigs you’ve played since the early 2000s, which has been the most memorable?
Man, it’s usually the ones that you forget which end up the most happening! A few come to mind – Ketoprak Malem at Tree House Kemang in Jakarta with Marco (also DTW) and Archie earlier this year was fun; the Indo crew is so hospitable and always up for a good time. The Darker Than Wax “Feelings in Colour” vinyl release party, at The Vault – was a trip to have our New Zealand artists Samuel Truth and Maxx Mortimer play together with us (shout out to Kiwi Bears!).

You’re one of the core members of the DTW family. What’s great about being part of DTW?
We’ve got good synergy – we are made up of different personalities so its interesting when we work together. We get the job done and we yield great results together as a unit. And of course, the music – the artists we connect with, the releases we put out, the parties we throw – sometimes when we take a step back to see how everything is unfolding…it is very gratifying.

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What are some of your favorite nights happening around Singapore?
Good Times, Training Shed, Syndicate, Kilowatt and I recently played at Tropical Temple with Tom Shellsuit and DJ Bhayology, which had a really good and responsive crowd. Had a lot of fun!

What can people expect from your set this Friday?
I’ll be kicking off the night with some deep trap – expect some Jonwayne, Azizi Gibson, some new Pyramid Vritra, and bunch of Darker Than Wax cuts. I try not plan my set too much, because I would like to ultimately feed off the vibe and energy from the crowd – that is the best way I feel. 

Catch Archie, Arabyrd and RAH tomorrow, October 24th, at Chataeux, 79 Circular Road, #02-01. More details on the event here.

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