Walk on clouds with J-Balvin’s Air Jordan 2

Walk on clouds with J-Balvin’s Air Jordan 2

As promised, J-Balvin delivers a new Air Jordan 2 that’s rumored to arrive in October 2022.

J-Balvin Air Jordan 2Instagram/ @knowing_kicks

Model: J Balvin x Nike Air Jordan 2
Drop date: September 15 
Price: US$300 (approx S$420)
Buy here: StockX

J-Balvin Air Jordan 2Instagram/ @knowing_kicks

The J-Balvin Air Jordan 2 comes in a simpler design compared to his previous Air Jordan 1. If you recall, Balvin’s Air Jordan 1 was colorful, vibrant, and loud. By contrast, his new Air Jordan 2 comes with a simple light blue quilted upper with muted cloud graphics. There’s a hint of Balvin’s penchant for color which is seen in the rainbow stitching. 

The sneaker shines in the dark, sporting a strong glow-in-the-dark midsole and Jordan Brand logo on the tongue.

J-Balvin Air Jordan 2 Instagram/ @jbalvin

Although no official drop date has been announced yet, sneaker insider @solebyjc thinks these could potentially drop in October this year.

These Air Jordan 2 sneakers coincide with a promise made by J-Balvin. During his appearance on Sneaker Shopping in 2021, he said of his collaborations to come: “It’s not even one, two, three, four, it’s more… I’m telling you the second one we went to another level.” He took it all the way to the clouds, it seems.

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Featured image: Instagram/ @solebyjc

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