James Franco’s Band Daddy Pays Tribute to The Smiths

James Franco’s Band Daddy Pays Tribute to The Smiths

And apparently, they swallow their words.

James Franco

Daddy, James Franco’s alternative band, has released their first visual album titled “Let Me Get What I Want”.

The album, inspired by the English New Wave sound of The Smiths, features whispery vocals and synths that are commonplace in modern indie-rock.

In fact, “Let Me Get What I Want” pays direct tribute to The Smith’s 1984 single, “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’” and features The Smiths’ very own bassist Andy Rourke, who plays on every track.

Each track in the album comes with its own accompanying video, making it an hour-long film in total.

Daddy is made up of James Franco and instrumentalist Tim O’Keefe. Last year, they signed a worldwide deal with the largest independent music publisher in the world.

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This isn’t the first of James Franco’s non-acting related ventures. He has also written a book about Lana Del Ray.

Check out one of our favorite tracks off the album, alongside its rather confusing video below:

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