Japan is Getting a Pikachu-Themed Train

Japan is Getting a Pikachu-Themed Train

Here’s a train ride that Pokémon and Pikachu fans shouldn’t miss.

Photo: JR East

Pokémon fans can ride the Pikachu-themed train from July 15 to September 30.

According to RocketNews24, the Pikachu train will be making trips along the Ofunato Line in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan.

Initiated by Pokémon with You, this adorable train service was initially launched in 2012 to bring smiles to the region after it suffered heavy damages in the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Photo: Mutimaro

Unlike the original Pokémon train (see above), the redesigned Pikachu locomotive will only be decorated in the colors of the electric mouse. In addition, it will also feature a special play area with stuffed toys for kids to play with.

The train departs from Ichinoseki Station and ends at Kesennuma Station. Tickets can be bought online, however, they aren’t for sale outside of Japan.

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Would you like to take a ride on this “chu-chu” train?

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