Fix your jumper with the Air Jordan 38

Fix your jumper with the Air Jordan 38

Jordan releases its marquee hooper shoe of the year, the Air Jordan 38. Scroll down to find out more about the shoe and why it’s something you need to add to your arsenal. 

1993 was a momentous year for Michael Jordan, who was six games away from achieving the legendary “three-peat” – an achievement only attained by the Boston Celtics in 1966. The NBA Championship finals game against the Phoenix Suns was all that stood in his way. This intense game serves as inspiration for his latest sneaker, the Air Jordan 38. Here’s a complete rundown of the 38th iteration of the iconic Jordan signature line of basketball sneakers.

Added features and performance

The Air Jordan 38 is packed full of new tech that is meant to enhance your jumper. It features the brand new X-plate which aids with cutting, pivoting, and other key footwork by increasing precision in quick changes in direction. The AJ 38 also features a Full-length Zoom Strobel unit which adds resilience to impact while offering exceptional comfort and responsiveness. The upper of the AJ 38 is also designed using a lightweight embroidery which makes the shoe feel locked and secure, especially during crucial moments. The AJ38 offers all of these added features while being the most sustainable Air Jordan signature shoe in the brand’s history – at least 20% of the shoe is made up of recycled material.

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Legacy inspired design

Many regard Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time in basketball. Through his multiple triumphs, he became a household name that propelled the widespread and increased popularity of the NBA and the sport of basketball in pop culture. The AJ 38 pays homage to one of his multiple triumphs dating back to 1993.  

Specific design cues are directly inspired by the 1993 NBA Championship Final where the Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan beat the Phoenix Suns to solidify their “three-peat”. The upper of the AJ38 features 41 crosshatches that represent the 41-point-per-game average MJ had that led to three consecutive NBA Championships. The 3 diamonds on the medial heel collar represent the “three-peat”. 

You can buy the AJ 38 at GOAT and wreak havoc while hooping at your local courts. 

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