Jude Law Proves Mesmerizing Even as a “Demon”

Jude Law Proves Mesmerizing Even as a “Demon”

British actor Jude Law turns on the charm in this two-minute clip.

Jude Law is cast in Pepsi’s series of ads that tell the legendary tale of Momotaro (“Peach Boy”).

Looking the part with tribal makeup and garb, Jude Law’s demonic villain needs no dialogue in his tragic backstory.

Once a man who held powers that protected his people, the character descends into darkness when he’s forced to draw on his full power to defeat an enemy.

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Locked away in a cave by the very people he once shielded, the man eventually turns into a monstrous demon, sending fear throughout the island and lending it the nickname “Demon Island”.

The closing shot depicts the new hero, Momotaro, going up against this monstrosity, with the conclusion yet to be determined.

Summing up the ad is the the tagline “defeat those stronger than you”, screened in the closing shot.

No clue if viewers will get to see a proper ending, but this fifth episode in a series of commercials by Pepsi is stylistically filmed and makes for a pretty dope standalone story.

Watch all the previous eps here and check out this behind-the-scenes interview of the ad:

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