Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” Tour Merch Hits H&M

Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” Tour Merch Hits H&M

You may not have a chance to attend Justin Bieber’s concert for now, but you can definitely own a piece (or  more) of his tour merch.

Unlike Kanye West’s PABLO Temporary Store pop-up, which created snaking queues and led to lots of reselling, Justin Bieber’s concert apparel are readily available at H&M.

Consisting of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, each piece retails for under US$35 and is currently available at most H&M stores in Singapore.

Earlier this year, the Biebs launched his Purpose tour merch with retailers the likes of Pac Sun, Barney’s, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Despite the similar designs carried by the various stores, fans lapped up the pieces, no doubt closing following the concert merch fashion trend.

With Justin Bieber’s list of live shows extending well into June 2017, there’s no chance his tour merch will go out of style just yet, so feel free to grab ’em now!

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