This Campaign Made People Pay For Their Meals With Miles From Running

This Campaign Made People Pay For Their Meals With Miles From Running

Kalenji promoted its new collection of Eliorun shoes by getting people to earn an exquisite meal through running some miles.


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To spread awareness for its new range of shoes, Kalenji ran a creative campaign that involved posh food bought with miles from running.

The France-based sportswear company found a creative way to promote the launch of its latest footwear collection, and that’s through a campaign called “#EatYourRun”.

According to Adweek, journalists were sent new pairs of Kalenji sneakers and encouraged to clock miles in the shoes. They were then invited to a famous restaurant to exchange their completed distances for gourmet food from the menu.

The campaign even had its own tagline — “Don’t live to run. Run to live.”

Given the sheer number of people who don’t enjoy running, food could possibly be the only incentive that can entice this demographic, so long as the calories gained don’t exceed the energy lost.

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Check out the campaign video below:

Are you willing to go the distance for some gourmet cuisine? Let us know in the comment section below.

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