Kanye Tweets: Apple Should Buy Tidal

Kanye Tweets: Apple Should Buy Tidal

Kanye tweets have put the rapper at the front-line of the “war” between Apple and Tidal.

Kanye West

Kanye West demands that Apple make its next move and buy Jay Z’s Tidal, claiming that this beef is “f*cking up the music game”.

Earlier last month, rumors swirled that Apple was intending to acquire Tidal in order to boost its competitive edge against Spotify, the other dominant music streaming service in the market.

Both Apple and Tidal have been fighting for exclusive content, with the former holding on to the streaming rights for the likes of Drake and Katy Perry, while the latter has Kanye West and Rihanna’s music locked down.

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This has not gone down well with Kanye, who blasted a series of tweets. As usual, the rapper had some choice words:





He didn’t spare Spotify either, as he threw in the name of its CEO in his closing statement:


According to The Verge, Apple has a penchant for using brash negotiating tactics when meeting with other media corporations. No surprise then, that Kanye would want to break the current stalemate and get things moving.

Your move now, Apple.

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