Karl Lagerfeld is Selling a Stuffed Version of his Pet Cat for S$757

Karl Lagerfeld is Selling a Stuffed Version of his Pet Cat for S$757

Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat Choupette makes for a pretty good cuddle buddy.


Photo: Stylebop

Karl Lagerfeld has decided to immortalize his pet cat, Choupette, in the form of a plush toy.

With her very own Instagram of more than 142,000 followers, who wouldn’t want to own a Choupette of their very own? In a collaboration with German plush toy company, Steiff, a limited run of Choupettes will be released on Stylebop.

However, don’t expect her to come cheap. This is the same cat who gets to sit in the cockpit on Karl Lagerfeld’s private jets, after all. She will be sold in a limited release of 2,000, at £420 (approx. S$757.62).

Upon purchase, Choupette will be accompanied with a signed certificate, as well as a brief explanation of whom exactly you are in the presence of: “Hi, I’m Choupette. Without modesty, I am the most famous cat in the world. I must admit I was born under a lucky star – at a very young age, I met the man of my dreams: Karl Lagerfeld! It really was immediate and mutual ‘love at first sight!’”

Karl Lagerfeld himself is all for the idea to create a plush version of Choupette. “Choupette is such a famous and beautiful cat that when this request came to me, I was not even surprised,” he said in a statement. “Steiff is the perfect choice for this kind of collaboration. It’s the only company that has the required expertise to highlight the extreme and absolute refinement of this young princess.”

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Choupette is available on Stylebop from May 23.

Source: Dazed

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