Someone Made a Male Romper with Kim Jong-un’s Face

Someone Made a Male Romper with Kim Jong-un’s Face

Show your support for Kim Jong-un by wearing his face.


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The Kim Jong Un romper is going for US$79.99 (approx. $110). Missile tests not included.

For those of you who adore Kim Jong-un, there’s now a male romper that lets you declare your undying love for the North Korea ruler.

That’s right, the latest craze to hit the fashion world is now available with Kim Jong-un’s face printed all over it. With his mouth positioned strategically at the crotch, this “fashionable” one-piece will certainly make a good conversation starter at parties.

However, be forewarned—wearing the supreme leader’s face does not come cheap. The romper is currently priced at US$79.99 on Get On Fleek. It is also available in various sizes and can be shipped worldwide.

Would you wear this outrageous romper? Let us know in the comments.

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