Kim Kardashian Admires Her Wax Figure at Kanye West’s Art Exhibition

Kim Kardashian Admires Her Wax Figure at Kanye West’s Art Exhibition

Gracing Kanye West’s secret art showcase, his wife Kim Kardashian took some time to examine the work put into her wax figure.


Image via Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian got up close and personal with the controversial naked wax figures featured in Kanye West’s “Famous” video.

Housed in a secret location in Los Angeles, later revealed to be the Blum & Poe gallery, the exhibition featured lifelike figures of Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Rihanna, Amber Rose and more.

These wax figures, laid bare over long sheets, were featured in Kanye’s NSFW music video for “Famous”.

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When the video made its debut, not all celebrities were thrilled that Kanye used their likeness for his artistic endeavors.

Taylor Swift was reportedly infuriated with Kanye, more so given that her name was used in the lyrics to his song. It revived their long-drawn beef, and this art exhibition is unlikely to quell the flames between the musicians.

But hey, in Kim and Kanye’s world, the show must go on. Check out Daily Mail for more photos from the exhibition.

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