Kylie Jenner Spotted in Vans Lookalike Sneakers

Kylie Jenner Spotted in Vans Lookalike Sneakers

Kylie Jenner, creator of her own line of PUMA sneakers, was seen wearing sneakers from a brand not known by many.

Kylie’s Revenge⚡️

A photo posted by ⛈ (@ianconnorsrevenge) on

The sneakers in question come from none other than Ian Connor’s Revenge x Storm line.

Ian who, you say? The young stylist was once close to Kanye West, appearing at various Yeezy Season runway shows. He created his own sneaker label back in September, and even though he’s posted the photo of Jenner, his sneaker website is currently down for maintenance.

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Comments on the post have been mixed, with some calling Connor a “lowkey genius” and others straight-up dissing with “oh y’all mean vans with a lighting bolt”.

Admittedly, the kicks look very much like a pair of Vans, if not for the lightning bolt design. This leaves us wondering if it’s a blatant rip-off of the famous skate brand, or not.

Of course, Jenner’s sense of style is less questionable, and it remains to be seen if she’ll ever be spotted in more Revenge x Storm kicks. What do you think?

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