This April, You Decide How “Late Shift” Ends on PS4

This April, You Decide How “Late Shift” Ends on PS4

“Late Shift”, an interactive crime film game, comes to PS4 this April. Be prepared to make over 180 decisions, which will result in one of seven outcomes.

Late Shift

“Late Shift”, available on PS4 from April, is an interactive, choice-driven crime game in which players make over 180 decisions towards one of seven different endings.

Written by Michael R. Johnson, author of “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) and developed by CtrlMovie, “Late Shift” was shot in full HD across London, weaving in a top-notch cinematic experience alongside branching plot lines.

It all begins when Matt, a math student, is forced into the robbery of an auction house and is left to prove his innocence. The decisions made by the player will take him on a twisted, violent journey across the state.

Each decision – over 180 of them in total – must be made within seconds. Players will need to think smart and move fast as the film rolls on with no pauses. Unlike other interactive games, there will be no looping footage in “Late Shift”.

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Players are promised a gripping tale of crime in “Late Shift”, where each choice in the game takes the player closer to one of seven different outcomes.

A statement by director Tobias Weber read: “This multi-stranded script became the backbone of our production. We stuck to it all the way from writing, to shooting, to post-producing the film. Even the composer used it for reference when he wrote and produced the soundtrack, which sounds like a film score, but is as dynamic as any game score.”

Excited? You should be. Luckily April is just around the corner.

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