Li Ning does streetwear: here are five pieces you need to cop

Li Ning does streetwear: here are five pieces you need to cop

Li Ning has gone from bit player to global competitor, with Bloomberg labeling it the “World’s Hottest Sportswear Firm”.

Li Ning

Li Ning x XLarge collab

Their recent releases have been so good, that Li Ning merch is almost sold out on End Clothing.

Li Ning used to be the sneaker you were forced to buy as a kid, because your parents knew they’d turn black and brown in a matter of days, and that you’d outgrow them in no time anyway. But that image of the brand is changing. Earlier this week, Bloomberg declared Li Ning the “World’s Hottest Sportswear Brand”, thanks to a 200% stock surge. But how are they growing so rapidly?

Li Ning

Well, it’s down to two huge factors. For one, the brand – founded former Chinese Olympic gymnast Li Ning in 1989 – has been killing it with its latest releases. It’s been creating sneakers that push the boundaries of design and comfort, making the sneakers incredibly sought after. Secondly, their streetwear- and lifestyle-oriented designs have led to a much larger acceptance of the brand among sneakerheads, especially those in China. “Now the quality is similar, so why not buy China?” a Chinese consumer told the Wall Street Journal.

With all that in mind, it explains why even on End Clothing, you will struggle to find a sneaker in your size – everything is almost sold out. So, here are five Li Ning items you can still add to your rotation.

Li Ning Arc Ace

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When this sneaker first dropped, it gained massive attention that included features on Hypebeast and SneakerNews. The sneaker had a crazy, Yeezy-like midsole and a translucent upper – perfect for 2019. Though the sneaker dropped in quite a few colorways, most sites that still have the Arc Ace on sale have incredibly limited sizes left. If you’re into the grey colorway, you can still cop it on Footpatrol in limited sizing.

Li Ning Furious Rider Ace 1.5

The Furious Rider had a much more subtle entrance to the sneaker world. The sneaker’s thick and layered 90s throwback design and plastic and mesh panels cater to the dad shoe trend of 2019, which propelled its popularity. You can get yourself the very clean triple black colorway at Footpatrol, though larger sizes are sold out.

Li Ning Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have become essential in 2019, and probably will continue to be as we move into 2020. As part of Li Ning’s shift into the lifestyle space, they released the cargo pants in both black and beige for their AW19 collection. The cargo pants have two massive side pockets, adjustable cuffs and zipped vents to keep you comfortable all day. You can get the Li Ning Cargo Pants at End Clothing.

Li Ning Chest Bag

Utilitarian and fashionable, the Li Ning Chest Bag combines form with function. The bag is constructed from Cordura – an incredibly durable fabric we see brands like Nike use in their rugged line of sneakers and merch – and comes in a beige color that will match any outfit. Clearly Li Ning takes their bags seriously. The bag gets its streetwear cred from the transparent panel pockets, a growing trend. You can still cop yourself the Chest Bag at End Clothing.

Li Ning Track Pants

If athleisure is more your style, opt for the Li Ning Track Pants. The pants have a relaxed fit and are made of lightweight nylon – ideal for intense gym sessions. The drawstring toggles at the calf and knee lets users customize their fit for a slimmer look. You can still cop a pair in small on End Clothing.

Would you add the Li Ning Arc Ace to your rotation? Share your choice colorway in the comment section.

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