Limited Edt x adidas present Classics Remixed at 313@Somerset

Limited Edt x adidas present Classics Remixed at 313@Somerset

Limited Edt and adidas presented Classics Remixed at the launch of its new 313@Somerset store. Learn about the event’s 1-of-1 collection by Unusual Felines and Secondnatvre and how you can score these creations.

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Limited Edt and adidas presents Classics Remixed

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Limited Edt has teamed up with adidas to present Classics Remixed, which took place at the grand opening of its recently refreshed 313@Somerset store. The revamped store features a rustic and organic interior filled with greenery, thanks to the installations made by InOut Atelier. For the event, they created an adidas Originals Trefoil logo with moss and a custom indoor terrarium, which houses the five adidas Classics shoes – Superstar, Samba, Gazelle, Campus and Forum.

In the spirit of celebrating and bringing back icons, adidas Singapore has collaborated with local artisans Unusual Felines and Secondnatvre to present the Classics Remixed Collection. Inspired by the prominence of thrifting and vintage clothing culture, all of the items in the Classics Remixed collection are crafted using repurposed adidas gear. The Classics Remixed Collection features a utility vest and carpenter pants by Unusual Felines, along with an upholstered stool and five sneaker pots by Secondnatvre.

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Learn all about them and their unique craft through this exclusive Q&A!

Hakim, founder of Unusual Felines

Limited Edt x Adidas HakimLimited Edt

How did you first discover your passion for designing and making custom-sewn goods?
Hakim: It started way back in my polytechnic days when it was just a hobby. The joy of watching something being created out of basic materials was very addicting. From there, it became something constant in my life where I would just design and create things and [want] to improve my skills and details in each piece I make.

What drew you towards using upcycled materials in your craft?
Hakim: I’m very drawn to see what I could make out of random materials. Giving them a second life and watching [them] become something new is always very rewarding to me. I’m a huge fan of small details and upcycled materials come with a lot of [them] and it’s so much fun to utilize them in my craft.

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Sustainability is a growing concern for many consumers. In what ways do you hope your work with upcycled materials at Limited Edt’s store launch will inspire others to embrace more eco-friendly practices?
Hakim: I hope [that] through my work, I get to show them how and where they [can] get started on making their own upcycled items. I hope through my medium, I’m able to show them that it’s very accessible and fun to create and make.

Tze Ling, founder of Secondnatvre

Limited Edt x Adidas Tze LingLimited Edt

Leather design with a focus on bags and sneakers is a very unique craft. How did you first get into it?
Tze Ling: As I explored deeper into the world of leathercraft, I found bags and sneakers to be the most intriguing and challenging products to create. Crafting these items felt like a way to create more personal products, allowing individuals to express their unique identities through the pieces I made. Also, what fascinated me the most about working with leather was its remarkable longevity. Leather possesses the extraordinary ability to endure for decades, gaining character and becoming even more appealing as time passes.

Can you walk me through your entire process of creating something like your sneaker pots?
Tze Ling: Creating something like the sneaker pots typically involves both design improvization and detailed planning. During the design phase, I explore ideas freely and carefully shortlist panels and elements for the final product. Then, I plan the construction in detail, working backward to integrate the chosen elements and ensure a cohesive composition. I begin by sewing the main elements onto the leather pot base to establish a foundation, and then I craft the canvas around them. Lastly, I add embellishments like laces to provide a finishing touch.

Secondnatvre focuses very much on sustainability. Why was sustainability something you wanted to highlight when you started your brand?
Tze Ling: As a crafter, I am inherently drawn to the concept of minimalism. I prioritize creating products that stand the test of time. I value the idea of owning fewer, but high-quality items over accumulating mass-produced goods. Embracing practices such as upcycling and repairing allows us to give products a second life while reducing waste.

How you can score their 1-of-1 creations

Score these unique, handcrafted pieces by Unusual Felines and Secondnatvre through a special ballot happening at the 313@Somerset store. Simply spend S$50 on adidas Original products at the new store to gain one ballot ticket. Fill up the ticket and place it in the ballot box within the store.

Limited Edt x Adidas ballot itemsStraatosphere

Here are the items you can win each week:
Week 1: Utility Vest by Unusual Felines (Ballot closes July 28)
Week 2: Upcycled Holders by Secondnatvre (Ballot closes August 4)
Week 3: Carpenter Pants by Unusual Felines (Ballot closes August 11)
Week 4: Upholstered stool by Secondnatvre (Ballot closes August 18)

Check out the refreshed Limited Edt store at 313@Somerset, #03-22, join the ballot and stand a chance to win these 1-of-1 creations! Follow @limitededt_sg on Instagram for updates on the ballot.

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