Liverpool FC celebrates a new generation of fans with Converse collab

Liverpool FC celebrates a new generation of fans with Converse collab

Converse and Liverpool FC have dropped an expansive collaboration that includes an apparel line and selection of sneakers.

Liverpool Football Club x Converse model with varsity jacket, white tee and green shorts Liverpool FC

The Liverpool FC x Converse collaboration is dedicated to a new generation of young fans who honor the club’s history and represent the future of the football club. The duo have collaborated to create a collection of sneakers, as well as an apparel line, which are inspired by the club’s history and match day traditions. Reworked renditions of the Chuck 70 and Run Star Hike are included in the collection.  

A classic reborn: A detailed look at the iconic Converse Chuck 70

The Chuck 70 sneakers are primarily black with gray graphics and patches of tomato red, while the Run Star Hike sneakers come in a soft oat milk colorway with rainforest green outsoles. The Run Star Hike sneakers have been given a Liverpool FC-inspired makeover, featuring Liver birds, sea holly and YNWA printed all over. 

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The rest of the collection is comprised of polo shirts, tees, joggers, buckets and more. Of note is the woven heritage varsity jacket, paying homage to the 1984 European Cup finals ticket, in which Liverpool FC defeated Roma in a penalty shootout. 

LFC fans can shop any of the pieces at Converse Jewel Changi Airport. Prices for each item range from S$59 for the tee to S$249 for the varsity jacket. 

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