Sock Game Strong: Lvl Up Now Socks by Sneaker Customizer Sekure D

Sock Game Strong: Lvl Up Now Socks by Sneaker Customizer Sekure D

A poor sock decision can ruin an outfit; avoid that by opting instead for premium ones from Sekure D’s newly established socks label, Lvl Up Now.


Wearing the right socks goes a long way in making a good impression, but finding socks that complement sneakers can prove daunting. Known for his passion for all things related to kicks, sneaker customizer Sekure D has just launched his own socks brand, Lvl Up Now, giving fans and fam fresh choices to pair with their shoes.

“I really like socks and felt like there was a space for someone who appreciated sneakerheads and the market, to make socks that complemented a pair of cool shoes without detracting too heavily from the sneakers themselves,” Matt said.

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Socks from Lvl Up Now are made with soft combed cotton, with a secure rib construction at the top of the sock to ensure that it stays up. A full terry footbed adds comfort for all-day wear, and the four funky designs from the debut collection help you stand out from a sea of sneakerheads.

“Moving forward you will continue to see exciting products and collaborations that other brands are not currently executing. We aren’t making socks to just make socks, we are making them to help take sneakers to the next level,” Matt added.

Lvl Up Now socks will be available on Seamless by Straatosphere soon; keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and first dibs!

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