Mark Hamill aka The Joker Reads Donald Trump Tweet

Mark Hamill aka The Joker Reads Donald Trump Tweet

Mark Hamill’s recitation of a Donald Trump tweet will send shivers down your spine.

As the voice actor for the Joker, Mark Hamill has built a rep for creating the villain’s terrifying voice.

Couple that with the furious words of a Donald Trump tweet, and you have an audio clip that is as evil as it sounds. This is the original tweet:

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The idea came about when comedy writer Matt Oswalt tweeted that Trump’s New Year message sounded like something the Joker would say while concocting an evil plan.

Hamill took it upon himself to get to work, tweaking his voice to sinister perfection and providing fans with the menacing soundbite.

No idea if this will turn into a series, but follow Hamill’s Twitter page and keep your fingers crossed.

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