5 Songs to Help You Celebrate Mother’s Day

5 Songs to Help You Celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s that time of the year again, where you stop being a passive aggressive brat for a second and show momma some well-deserved love. Here’s a compilation to go about it if words fail you. Serve it up with home-made breakfast and your mom is sure to get the message.

1) Sheeq Luna,“Guts & Glory”

Here’s a track that’s a great start to Mother’s Day. Presented by Singapore’s own sultry RnB songstress, Sheeq Luna sings about attaining glory only after getting the guts to take risks and go through hardships. She gives a special shoutout to her mother in the song, assuring her in the lyrics, “Tell my momma I’m good I’m good”, and that no matter how many difficulties she has to overcome in her journey as a singer, she’ll be okay.

2) Loyle Carner, “Sun of Jean (ft. Mum & Dad)”

This track by Loyle Carner, the brooding rapper from South London, rounds up his latest album, Yesterday’s Gone, and boy does it serve as a hell of an ending. The foundation of the album and his artistry as a whole was largely attributed to his upbringing and mother, who helped him through his struggles with ADHD. The track even ends with his mom reading a poem about him, with an undertone of Loyle’s late stepfather’s playing the piano; which was his way of bringing them all together for one last time.

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3) Beyoncé, “Love On Top”

We can’t possibly not include this in our mixtape. Beyoncé turned what was a seemingly simple modern RnB hit into one of the most iconic pregnancy reveals during her live performance of “Love On Top” at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Watching ‘Queen Bey’ rub her pregnant belly proudly on stage, we can’t help but think of how happy our moms were during their pregnancies too.

4) Cheno, “Mum Can I Get a New Macbook”

While this doesn’t include any vocals, the title made us snicker. The track contains elements of future bass and RnB interweaved within a dream-like, pop state that makes for a fun backtrack as you ready yourself for a day dedicated to pampering your mom. (We wouldn’t recommend asking for a new Macbook on Mother’s Day though.)

5) Melody Angel, “Dear Mama (Tupac Cover)”

This is a cover of Tupac’s ode to his mother, “Dear Mama” which left a mark in the music industry as one of the most touching tributes to mothers. The original was a rap track, of course, in which the rapper shares bars about his mom always having his back despite being in jail and on drugs. Melody Angel’s cover strips down the track with her soft vocals and lets her own thankfulness to all the single mothers out there shine through.

Any other songs you’re planning to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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