Best sneakers of the NBA 2022-23 season

Best sneakers of the NBA 2022-23 season

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The 2022-23 NBA season is soon coming to a close. With the exciting matches and gameplay, let’s zoom in to some of the best NBA sneakers we’ve spotted during the 2022-23 season. 

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Despite ESPN’s prediction of a mere 3% chance of the no. 8 seed Miami Heat reaching the NBA finals, the underdogs have officially secured their ticket to the grand stage of basketball. Contesting the Heat in the finals are the no. 1 seed Denver Nuggets who are seeking to clinch their first NBA championship since joining in 1976. With all the attention being on the players, you might not have noticed the kicks they have been rocking on court. With new models being unveiled each game and past-season hits making a return, let’s take a look at some of the best NBA sneakers in this 2022-23 season.

Model: LeBron NXXT Gen EP 
Price: S$249

One of the best NBA sneakers 2023, the LeBron NXXT Gen

If you have a need for speed on court, Nike’s LeBron NXXT Gen EP will serve you well. With a flexible Zoom Air unit in its forefoot, the shoe provides great court feel and energy return, giving you the speed and responsiveness to keep up with fast-paced games. With another Zoom Air unit in the heel, the shoe provides responsive cushioning for your foot as well. Despite the upper being seemingly bulky, the shoe is extremely lightweight without compromising on stability and ankle support.
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Model: Air Jordan XXXVII Low PF 
Price: S$265

One of the best NBA sneakers 2023, the Air Jordan XXXVII Low

Light and quick on your feet? The Air Jordan XXXVII Low PF gives you the energy-returning responsiveness you need to play explosively, featuring a double-stacked Zoom Air unit and Air Strobel unit in its forefoot. The shoe is also made for take-offs and landings, made with a thick stack of Jordan’s signature Formula 23 foam, you can land comfortably and bounce right back. It is also known for good ankle lockdown, despite being a low-top sneaker, it supports your ankle as if it has been taped up, with its leno-weave fabric and TPU ribbon that are lightweight and secure.
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Model: LeBron XX EP 
Price: S$285

One of the best NBA sneakers 2023, the LeBron XX EP.

With something to offer every player, you could call the LeBron XX EP the all-rounder of basketball shoes. Made for today’s frenzied play style, the low-cut sneakers are fast, comfortable and supportive. With a solid traction and an extra-durable rubber outsole, the shoes are suitable for those who play in outdoor courts often. The dimensional knit mesh on the upper also helps to keep your feet cool in the hot outdoor courts by providing breathability and airiness.
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Model: KD15 EP 
Price: S$239

One of the best NBA sneakers 2023, the KD15

The perfect harmony of court feel, responsiveness, bounciness and impact protection, the KD15 EP are one of the best performance shoes among NBA sneakers in 2023. With soft foam and a bouncy Zoom Air Strobel unit run along the length of the shoes, providing responsiveness and an energy-returning sensation while giving your foot impact protection. To make the shoe extra comfy, the upper has reduced layers, giving the shoe a broken-in feel.
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Model: Zion 2 PF 
Price: S$205

One of the best NBA sneakers 2023, the Zion 2 PF.

A shoe with excellent support and lockdown, the Zion 2 PF is recommended for players who make a lot of hard cuts and movements. The Zoom Air unit found in the forefoot provides responsiveness and bounciness, giving the shoe a well-balanced feel. The unit, along with an encapsulated air cushioning under the heel, gives your feet plush cushioning, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing overall stability on the court.
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