Netflix Binge Scale Shows How Viewers Complete One Season in a Week

Netflix Binge Scale Shows How Viewers Complete One Season in a Week

We no longer watch shows, we binge on them. And, according to the Netflix Binge Scale, we blow through whole seasons of shows in just one week. 

Netflix Binge Scale: Singapore

The way we watch TV shows has changed. Instead of watching an episode a week, some of us binge watch our way through a series, finishing one entire season in one week.

Netflix revealed this statistic along with its Netflix Binge Scale, which was drawn up after examining global viewing of more than 100 serialized TV series across over 190 countries from October 2015 to May this year.

The study also found that when members were determined to complete a series, they watch a little over two hours a day to get there.

Through observing the watching behavior of its members, Netflix has placed TV shows on a spectrum called the Netflix Binge Scale. The scale ranges from shows with “high energy narratives that are devoured” (two hours or more spent watching) and “thought-provoking dramas that are savored” (less than two hours spent watching).

According to the Binge Scale, shows to savor include political dramas such as House of Cards and Superhero Dramas such as Daredevil. Shows to devour are Horror titles like Penny Dreadful and Thrillers like The Fall. Dramatic Comedies like Orange Is The New Black and Sci-Fi shows like Sense8 lie somewhere in the middle of the scale.

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