Netflix Launches Download Feature for Offline Binges

Netflix Launches Download Feature for Offline Binges

Netflix rewards loyal users by enabling Netflix downloads, with no additional costs.

Binge watch anytime, anywhere with new Netflix download feature.

The announcement, which was made at 10pm (GMT +8) yesterday, revealed that users can now download hit Netflix shows such as Stranger Things and Narcos, as well as other popular series like Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

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The company has yet to announce the exact number of content available for download, but promises that more content will be available soon.

Netflix Launches Netflix Download For Offline Streaming

Netflix download offers users two video qualities to choose from: standard and higher. Standard quality comes in a lower resolution that takes up less storage space while higher quality means downloading videos in HD, but these files take up more storage on your device.

To start watching Netflix shows offline, simply update your Netflix app to the most recent version either on iOS or Android. Netflix downloads is available to users worldwide.

Visit the Netflix help centre for more information.

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