New Balance Sued by Manchester United Player for Damages Caused by Football Boots

New Balance Sued by Manchester United Player for Damages Caused by Football Boots

Marouane Fellaini sues New Balance for damages to his feet allegedly caused by the football boots sponsored by the sportswear company.

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New Balance Sued

Fellaini has ended his partnership with New Balance

New Balance sued for £2 million in damages by Manchester United footballer, Marouane Fellaini.

According to The Telegraph, Fellaini is suing New Balance having experienced discomfort wearing the brand’s boots he first received in August 2016.

He claims the club’s kit men had to spend time before games “steaming and stretching” the New Balance boots due to its apparent tightness.

Fellaini further complained of discomfort the following month and claimed his feet were in a lot of pain after a game, so much so that he couldn’t sleep that night.

“Just like Nikes”

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In response to Fellaini’s initial feedback about the discomfort of the boots, New Balance sought to provide a personalized replacement to cater to Fellaini’s fit.

According to The Telegraph, a New Balance executive even reassured Fellaini through a text message that read, “Your new ones arrive very soon, they will be like Nike I promise my friend.”

Since the fallout, Fellaini has turned to Nike for football boots.

A case of bitter separation

But Fellaini’s claims may stem from more than just the pain caused by the boots.

According to the The Guardian, New Balance terminated their lucrative deal with Fellaini prematurely claiming that the Belgian had been playing without his sponsor’s logos on the boots.

Naturally, the footballer hit back, citing the poor quality of the boots, which had caused the logos to peel off.

Fellaini claims to have suffered a “loss of employment, inconvenience and impact on performance” due to the defective boots and “unlawful termination” of the contract.

The case is ongoing.

Have you worn New Balance football boots? What are your thoughts on them? Leave a comment below.

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