New Balance’s “Shifted” store goes beyond dad-shoes

New Balance’s “Shifted” store goes beyond dad-shoes

New Balance has set up the Shifted store in Singapore, opening on November 26. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The XC-72 releases in Singapore at New Balance’s new “Shifted” store.

New Balance unveils its latest “Shifted” store, which will be open in Singapore at Bugis Junction from November 26 this year to January 9, 2022. As its name suggests, the store will put retro-futuristic sneakers like the XC-72, 57/40, 237 and 327 series front and center. The goal is to go beyond the “dad-shoe” silhouettes that New Balance has become synonymous with, and have people explore other sleeker options inspired by classic models.

The space is inspired by scientific progress and technology, which is reflected in the designs of their retro-futuristic sneakers. The entire space is filled with clean lines paired with futuristic furnishings. 

Part of the store is a studio space where printmaking and other workshops will be led by collaborating artists. Learnt the tips and tricks on how to create designs that are uniquely yours using techniques like screen printing and more.

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Screen printing kits will be available with every purchase of the New Balance XC- 72 at the Shifted store. The kit comes with a t-shirt, ink, as well as a screen print template pre-designed by local artists 8EyeSpud, Mindflyer and Clogtwo. 

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You can try your hand at printmaking or attend the artist workshops led by the local artists. For more information about the workshop schedules, head to New Balance Singapore’s Facebook page or find out more in-store.

Check out the new New Balance Shifted store at Bugis Junction, #02-10. The store is open from 11 am to 9.30 pm daily.

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