New Instagram Features Could Include a Regram Button and Follow by Hashtag Function

New Instagram Features Could Include a Regram Button and Follow by Hashtag Function

When these new Instagram features are rolled out, users can look forward to a more seamless experience while on the app.

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Several new Instagram features are currently going through tests.

While not all may make it to the app eventually, The Next Web says at least a few of them will. Here are the five we hope to see rolled out on Instagram.

1) The “regram” button

The long-awaited regram button might just make its debut after all these years. While Facebook and Twitter have their own “share” and “retweet” buttons for in-app sharing of content, Instagram users have had to result to either screenshot images of other profiles or third party apps to repost content. A dedicated repost button will undoubtedly help improve the process of post-sharing, and even encourage it.

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2) GIF search for Instagram stories

With GIF search, you’ll be able to add life to your Instagram stories. Unfortunately, from the above video shared by The Next Web, the GIF options seem limited for now. We’re hoping the selection improves by the time it actually rolls out.

3) Archive your stories

If this feature sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the Instagram story version of Snapchat Memories. When this feature is eventually available on Instagram you’ll be able archive all your Instagram stories.

4) Posts for your closest friends only

This feature will allow users to make a list of their closest friends, and send content like photos and stories privately through the group. Interestingly, people on your closest friends list won’t know they’ve been added to your list until you share a post. Could be a nice surprise, right?

5) Follow hashtag feature

With the follow hashtag feature, you can catch up on your favorite trends without having to follow a specific account at all. Interesting.

Maybe you could follow our hashtags #straatgram (for sneaker shots) and #straatsnaps (for street photography) once the feature rolls out too!

Which feature are you excited about the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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