Nicki Minaj Offers to Pay Fans’ Student Loans

Nicki Minaj Offers to Pay Fans’ Student Loans

Only Nicki Minaj could go from asking her fans to join a contest on Twitter to paying off their student loans.  A true queen!


Nicki Minaj paid off college fees, student loans, and school supplies for over a dozen of her fans last night.

It started off with the superstar announcing a Twitter contest for the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas. The winner of the contest gets to join Nicki herself in Las Vegas for the award show on May 21 or to accompany her for a studio session. Things changed when one of her fans replied, asking her to pay their college tuition fees instead.

She agreed, only if the fan (and other fans that came pouring in with similar requests) gave her proof of a 4.0 GPA.

Shortly after, she got rid of the 4.0 GPA requirement and started agreeing to pay for school supplies, tuition fees, and outstanding college payments.

When all was said and done, Nicki ended the “contest” on a humorous note, saying she’ll have to check what’s left in her account. She also promised that this round of next level philanthropy will be making a comeback within the next month or two.

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