Nigo Puts His Massive Star Wars Memorabilia Collection up for Auction

Nigo Puts His Massive Star Wars Memorabilia Collection up for Auction

The stage is set for what could be the biggest Star Wars auction to date, as Japanese streetwear designer and entrepreneur Nigo puts up his personal collection of memorabilia for sale to bidders worldwide.


Nigo’s prized collection is jaw-dropping and includes over 600 original action figures, a number of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets, two sets of the “Power of the Force” coins framed together, other limited edition toys and autographed lightsaber replicas.

Bidding prices start at an estimated US$100 for a Yoda plush toy and go all the way up to US$25,000 for the coveted coin sets that were only available on special request from U.S. toy manufacturer Kenner.

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Expect bids to come in fast and furious, with prices bound to hike once the auction at Sotheby’s goes live on December 11th, as hardcore Star Wars fans try their best to secure a piece (or more) of the collection for themselves.

Check out the full auction listing here, and be sure to register early if you intend to make a bid for the collectibles.

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