Work Out, and You’ll be #BetterForIt, Says Nike

Work Out, and You’ll be #BetterForIt, Says Nike

Nike hopes to inspire women around the world to take their first step toward sports and fitness with its new #BetterForIt campaign.

Nike #BetterForIt

This Spring, Nike launches #BetterForIt, a women-specific initiative that inspires ladies to be active, tackle new challenges, and reach their personal goals in fitness and sports. Whether it’s a personal best at a weekend run or mastering a new yoga movement, #BetterForIt gives women around the world the opportunity to push themselves further as a global community.

Part of the new campaign is a series of short films that add a touch of lightheartedness and humor to the already dynamic world of sports and fitness. This is in addition to the Nike+ Training Club App, which offers over 100 athlete-led workouts, such as the 90-Day Better For It Challenge. Women of all fitness levels can post updates on social media with the hashtag #BetterForIt and share their experiences to set benchmarks for themselves and encourage others to start on their fitness journey.

Watch the short clip below, have a laugh and get inspired to start your personal journey to better health today.


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