Sachs appeal: The next Mars Yard shoe is out of this world

Sachs appeal: The next Mars Yard shoe is out of this world

The Nike Mars Yard Overshoe has a global launch date set for this week.

Nike Mars Yard Overshoe overview

After much speculation and divisive opinions, the boot-like sneaker will finally receive a wider release this Thursday, May 9.

The legendary Nike and Tom Sachs partnership saw the creation of the Mars Yard 2.0 – arguably, the best sneaker of 2017. In 2019, we’ll see the partnership continue with a third collaboration sneaker – the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe – dropping this Thursday, May 9. But will the unconventional design garner much appeal this time around?

At first glance, the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe is easily mistaken for a space-boot. The shoe design, realized by artist Tom Sachs, was thought of to combat harsh weather elements. This explains the water-resistant Dyneema bag covering the entire upper of the sneaker, along with the robust SFB midsole. The sneaker also features magnetic Fidlock buckles for easy adjustments and a precise fit.

Nike Mars Yard Overshoe Singapore LaunchNike Mars Yard Overshoe singapore release details

While Tom Sachs continues to push the envelope with this sneaker design, what’s underneath is actually more familiar than you think. For all that space-age outlook, the Mars Yard Overshoe features an actual Mars Yard sneaker stitched into it. A few updates, however, include an extended tongue and metal eyelets. Indeed, the outer covering makes it highly unconventional. But if you have no desire to step into puddles as the design intended, you can follow in Frank Ocean’s footsteps and cut off the protective covering.

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Priced at S$799, getting the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe might just be your best chance at owning the elusive sneakers, stitched in or not. Unless, of course, you have at least $3,500 (approx. S$4,772.78) to spare to cop the Mars Yard 2.0 on Hit the link below to enter the raffle on END Launches.

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Would you cut away the outer covering of the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe? Let us know in the comments below.

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