Nike and Neymar Jr. Drop a Sick Mixtape for Football

Nike and Neymar Jr. Drop a Sick Mixtape for Football

Neymar Jr. teams up with Nike Football to release a mixtape that celebrates his passion for football and music.

The Neymar Jr. mixtape features tracks by Swoosh God, Yung Beef, Paigey Cakey, and They.

Compiled by international DJ Flavio Rodríguez, the 17-track mixtape boasts an array of up-and-coming musicians from around the world. Besides hip-hop and rap, it also features music genres such as reggaetón, electro, trap, and grime.

According to Nike, these artists and tracks were chosen to reflect Neymar’s “eclectic and infectious personality”. They also inspire him on and off the pitch.

In addition to the mixtape, Nike also created a music video that features the Brazilian superstar showing off some of his dazzling football moves.

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1. Ba$$ilones – Hat Trick (ES) (00:00)
2. Yas Werneck – Coméki (BR) (00:30)
3. Donae’o – Bingo (UK) (01:34)
4. Swoosh God – Ain’t No Way (US/NYC) (02:42)
5. Yung Beef – Dinero De La Ola (ES) (04:18)
6. Dark Polo Gang – Streetwear (IT) (05:31)
7. DJ Thai – Fight feat. Duarte & Manfrim(BR) (05:51)
8. Dellafuente – Para Que Quieres El Dinero (ES) (06:21)
9. Bad Gyal – Fiebre (ES) (07:38)
10. Paigey Cakey – Boogie (UK) (09:04)
11. Young T & Bugsey – Gangland feat. Belly Squad (UK) (10:11)
12. StartRap – Por Mim (BR) (11:15)
13. Josman – Doobie (FR) (12:23)
14. Maikel Delacalle – Tus amigas (ES) (13:18)
15. Afrojuice – Afrotwerk (ES) (14:44)
16. Indigo Jams – Insomnia (ES) (15:43)
17. They. – U Rite (US/LA) (16:40)

Neymar Jr.’s music taste any good? Only one way to find out – listen to the mixtape now.

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