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Fashion Published: April 26, 2017  |  WORDS: John Yong

Nike Acquires Patent To Produce ‘Reinforced Denim’ For Extreme-Sport Athletes

Good news for skaters, BMX racers, and athletes of other extreme sports.

Nike is producing a fabric that is reported to be more elastic than traditional denim, and have moisture-wicking capabilities.

According to Barron’s, Nike has successfully filed for a patent to produce “architecturally reinforced denim” that is tailored towards athletes who participate in extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX racing.

Not only will it have moisture-wicking capabilities, the denim is said to be more elastic and durable than your regular pair of jeans.

Merging the lines of comfort and safety, it sounds like this new pair of jeans will be useful for athletes who prefer an attire that is both protective and fashionable.

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