Ninja’s Nite Jogger is a symbol of his hustle and relentless work ethic

Ninja’s Nite Jogger is a symbol of his hustle and relentless work ethic

Ninja’s Nite Jogger mixes traditional Adidas materials with the gamer’s signature blue and yellow color scheme.

Ninja Nite Jogger Singapore release

Ninja releases his first signature Adidas Nite Jogger.

The pro gamer’s collab drops on December 31, and here is how you can cop a pair.

Ninja has become synonymous with gaming and live streaming. His rise to becoming a household name stems from his tireless dedication to producing entertaining content while dominating the games he plays. Adidas has wisely jumped onto the Ninja bandwagon by signing the gamer as their first E-sport brand representative and launching Ninja’s Nite Jogger – his first signature sneaker.

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The collab will bring together Adidas’ classic use of suede and mesh with Ninja’s iconic color scheme – blue and yellow. This gives the sneaker a very sporty vibe, with an interesting layered construction. From the outside, the shoes look like a normal Nite Jogger, but its medial panels set it apart. The left foot has “NINJA” printed in the gaming legend’s signature typography and on the right, “TIME IN”.

Ninja Nite Jogger Insole Singapore release

The sneaker sports yellow insoles with text mirroring the medial panels.

The yellow text is printed atop blue paneling and mirror the insoles of each side of Ninja’s Nite Jogger. Combine the subtle design with the full Boost midsoles and gum outsoles, and you have a sneaker you can rock on the daily – even during your streaming sessions.


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But why “TIME IN”? Ninja hopes to inspire the next generation of gamers to put the time in. “If you’re willing to put the TIME IN you can achieve anything,” he said.

Ninja’s Nite Jogger will drop at on December 31, with a retail price of S$220.

Would you rock these even if you aren’t a fan of Ninja? Share your thoughts on the design in the comment section.

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