Nintendo goes smaller but better with the all-new Switch Lite gaming console

Nintendo goes smaller but better with the all-new Switch Lite gaming console

The Nintendo Switch Lite console provides a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch and is dedicated solely to on-the-go play.

Coming in three colorways, the Nintendo Switch Lite is expected to drop on September 20.

Nintendo adds a new member to the family with the all-new Nintendo Switch Lite. The new console comes in yellow, gray or turquoise, and features a sleeker and more compact design compared to the original. Its key selling point though the lower price tag – the regular Switch console will set you back about US$299.99 (Approx. S$407) while the Lite console will cost only US$199.99 (Approx. S$271).

Unlike its predecessor, the Switch Lite does not come with the Joy-Con controller and other features like the HD Rumble and IR Motion Camera. Nevertheless, it does not stray too far from the Switch, as all the games – including popular hits like Super Smash Bros and The Legend of Zelda – will be compatible with the new console. The Switch Lite also supports multiplayer gaming that allows you to not only pair with other Lite devices but with regular Switch ones as well.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is set to release on September 20. Visit Nintendo’s website for more details on this upcoming console.

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