Here’s What You Missed at the “NS23” Skate Film Premiere

Here’s What You Missed at the “NS23” Skate Film Premiere

On Friday, July 22nd, Straatosphere premiered NS23, a short skate film by Irwan Idris to a crowd of nearly 100 skaters, media and friends at Aliwal Arts Centre.

About 100 people came to the screening of NS23, a short skate film by Irwan Idris, last Friday, July 22nd. Among them were skaters of all ages, some as young as 12 years of age.

“The number of people who came to the screening was more than I expected,” Irwan said. “I hope the film, with its mixture of humor and honest reflections, caught the eyes of those in the skate community and beyond.”


About 100 skaters, media and friends attended the screening of “NS23”

The short film, which has a run time of 28 minutes, pays tribute to the now-defunct NYC Skate Park, and captures scenes from the Somerset Skate Park today.

It also includes interviews with professional skaters such as Firdaus and Farris Rahman, and hobbyist skaters Mitch Curtis and Manuel Camino, who each offered unique perspectives on Singapore’s skate culture

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No skate film would be complete without some skating action, and NS23 offers plenty of that. Each trick shown in the film was met with loud cheers from the audience. Plenty of laughs were reserved for stunts gone awry, but all in good fun, of course.


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The skaters were pleased with how the film panned out, but some want more.

“The video was well presented, but as a skate video in general, it is a bit too short,” said Mano Comat, a skater of 14 years. “Overall, it is a good start.”

Another audience member, Hairul Asyraf, expressed his hopes that in future “some of the youngsters will be interviewed as well, rather than just the well known guys.”


A sequel to NS23 is on the cards, and even though Irwan has not given a firm date as to when it will be released, he has an idea of what it should encompass: “Hopefully, we’ll cover all the skate parks and street skate spots in Singapore next time,” he revealed.

NS23 will be released to a wider audience in due time. Stay tuned for updates.

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