Catch the Screening of “NS23”, a Film About Singapore’s Skate Culture

Catch the Screening of “NS23”, a Film About Singapore’s Skate Culture

Be among the first to watch Singapore skate filmmaker Irwan Idris’ debut short film, NS23, at Aliwal Arts Centre on July 22nd.

"NS23", A Film About Somerset Skate Park

NS23 is a film that offers an inside look at the skaters of Singapore who have made Somerset Skate Park their second home. These daredevils talk about the friendships, conflicts and future of skate culture here.

Filmed by Irwan Idris, a skater of 16 years, NS23 is a short film that provides an insight to skate culture in Singapore. The film features interviews with both pro and amateur skaters, along with archival footage of the now defunct NYC Skate Park, which was closed back in 2004.

The film, which took six months to create, also showcases sequences from the current Somerset Skate Park.

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“Skatebording has been a lifelong hobby that has brought me immeasurable joy,” Irwan said. “I wish to share that experience with those who may not be familiar with it, as well as fellow skaters who have in their own way, contributed to the longevity of this culture today. I had fun creating this short and I hope it shows the unity, friendship and passion that’s integral to this culture.”

Veteran skaters will appreciate NS23 due to its nostalgia-invoking thematic imagery, bringing back the times spent forging friendships, practicing moves with them and rising after each fall.

Newbies to the game will no doubt be inspired by the array of slick moves showcased in the film, as well as the fresh perspectives given by the interviewees, with prominent skate siblings Farris and Firdaus Rahman being among those present.

Here’s the trailer for NS23:

As the leading online source for news on street culture and urban sports in Singapore, Straatosphere is proud to present NS23 at Aliwal Arts Centre, the home of contemporary urban arts.

Kim Hana, editor at Straatosphere, said, “NS23 has an authentic quality to it. It explores Singapore’s skateboarding culture on a deeper level through the filmmaker’s conversations with Singapore’s skateboarders. We are honored that Irwan chose to launch NS23 through us.”

Register here to attend the screening. Seats are limited, so sign up with your crew today!

NS23 Film Screening
Date: Friday, 22nd July 2016
Time: 8pm — 10pm
Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918

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